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Regain Short Term Memory

Short Term Memory Example

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On this page, we illustrate a short term memory example to show how to regain short term memory through an association list.

Think your mind as a blizzard. During the snowstorm, information is tossed about. During the blizzard, new information coming along is blown away in the storm and scattered all around. Recognize that the scattered information is blown in a local facility and if you meander around after the storm, you can find the information gone astray.

Promptly you can go to the local Tasty Freeze and pick up a snow cone while you learn how to sharpen and regain short-term memory. Now you should feel at ease, knowing that after it blizzards you will want to be resting in a warm environment. As you would pamper self during a blizzard to keep from freezing, or starving, also prepare and pamper your mind before learning or beginning the sharpening the mind in the process to regain short term memory.

The mind works best when it is calm. While stressors are low, the mind can process at the speed it works best at. In other words, stress only clouds the mind and it becomes blurring, since the blizzard storm in your mind has little room to see clearly.

What else can we do to sharpen the mind and assist us regain short term memory? Now that you are enjoying that snow cone, we can move onto previewing. As I studied the mind, and how to sharpen the mind, I learnt that preview is second best to inspiration. If you don’t have inspiration, you will obstruct the mind from developing and learning.

Previewing is the method of preparing. Previews for instance are sneak previews into an entire scene. For example, as you watch commercials on television presenting new and upcoming movies you get a preview. This tells you right away if the movie is something, you want to watch or leave alone. Regrettably, studying doesn’t permit you the option of deciding if you want to read or not. Thus, preview your information first prior to probing into the learning process.

Hope you are bundled up next to a nice warm fire, particularly if a blizzard is hitting your area. After you preview information, you will need to probe into the study. I am assuming that you are sharpening the mind to learn and grow, rather than to recall memories. Either way you can use the strategies to go any direction you choose. To help you prepare for previewing we can consider a list of countries, and a trapper.

Saint Lucia

Preview the list. You will observe that all but one from the list are countries, while the other is a city in the U.S.. Following previewing the list, probe into studying the list so that you become familiar with the order in which the list is written. After reading the list, review the list so that it registers in the short-term memory. Now repeat the list. Recite the list. Review the list again and cover the list to see if you can recite the list completely in order. Beginning with America break down the list by reciting the alphabet, you will detect the countries are listed in this order.

When you keep on next the steps to sharpen and regain short term memory you will soon recite each state in the US without a problem. Practice is essential as well as preparing to learn. If you clear up that blizzard in your mind, you will have plenty of room to learn, grow, and sharpen the mind.

Now try doing the same with the following list and gradually work to name each state and city listed in this article.


Practice is necessary. It gets easier with time as you carry on to sharpen your mind and regain short term memory.

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